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Training Coordinator

Good morning, Capt. Josok.

I just want to pass along that I received very positive course feedback from a crew member who recently attended MAFA. He went on to say that you ‘are an excellent instructor and that you are an experienced mariner and could share pertinent experiences and understands the realities of performing first aid onboard a vessel. You are very passionate about the subject and enjoys teaching.’

I want to send my appreciation and thanks for passing along your knowledge and experience.

Kind Regards,


Richard Josok is an engaging. kind and captivating instructor who is talented at relaying his extensive marine first aid experience. Highly recommended.


Canadian Coast Guard

Hello Captain,
The group enjoyed the course, it was nice to meet you you’re a very nice gentleman

BC Ferries

I enjoyed Richard’s teaching, great instruction. Hopefully when it’s time to renew, Richard will still be teaching this course

Canadian Coast Guard

Great to have someone with extensive marine experience teaching this course. After over 20 years as a mariner, and constantly taking this course, I found Richard to be one of the best instructors. Very personable and provided relavant marine examples. 

Canadian Coast Guard

The instructor is very passionate about the course content / subject matter and the students learning

Master Mariner

A truly knowledgeable instructor who helps to make sure you understand the material taught. 

Canadian Coast Guard

Real world experiences taught in a realistic way. Highly recommended for Marine first Aid. 

Well Presented Course

A very well presented course with great equipment and a lot of valuable info. One of the best courses I’ve taken in my 25 years of first aid experience 

Chief Enginer

The course was intensive, but extremely helpful in real life, not just a certificateI am glad to have you as the instructor. I will recommend this course to my colleagues who want to take MAFA. 


The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and truly takes the welfare and level of learning for his students to a professional level. 

Transport Canada

The instructor’s course delivery was very informative and professional. He was the best instructor I have had for first aid training in 30 years, including level 3 First Aid. 

Medical Surgeon

A brief note to thank you for the excellent course I attended last week for Marine Advanced First AidI would have no hesitation in recommending your course to seafarers, and to doctors. 

Marine Industry

Great hands-on teaching. Truly knowledgeable instructor. Helped us learn ship specific first aid as well, rather than a generic course offered elsewhere. 

Knowledgeable and practical instructor

FYI, hands-down the most knowledgeable and practical instructor I have ever had for a first-aid course. Brings a wealth of experience (Both seagoing and ashore) to the table. 

Canadian Coast Guard

Very refreshing and great energy

I really enjoyed your course and more than that, your approach. Very refreshing and great energy. 

Commercial Fisher Man

Great course

Great course, instructor was invaluable. The level of Knowledge and experience that he shared is unmatched. So helpful to hear about real events and injuries that he has been involved in. To have a mariner teaching who understands the situations and limitations you might encounter is priceless. 
Thank you so much

Master Mariner

Great pace

Great pace, great instruction. Nice that the instructor is a sailor 

Tug Captain

Amazing instructor

Amazing instructor with endless information. He will prepare you for the exam and practical. Would recommend.

Marine Manager
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